Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower 東京タワー

The iconic landmark of downtown Tokyo since 1958 and one of the city’s “I have been there” sights. Its observatories present nice views of the city and are especially well-liked at night.

Highlights: Observation decks
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Location: Central Tokyo
When to visit: Year round
Admission: ¥ ¥
Opening hours: 9:00 to 22:00 (observation deck at 150 meters)
9:00 to 21:30 (observation deck at 250 meters)
Recommended duration: 1 hour
Accessibility: Trains are generally recommended for travel within central Tokyo due to high traffic, steep parking rates, and the convenience of public transport
Other considerations: Easy to get around with wheel chairs and strollers
Location of the Tokyo Tower

At 333 meters tall, the Tokyo Tower was for a long time Japan’s tallest structure, until the Tokyo Skytree took over the distinction in 2012. The tower doubles as a broadcast station and as one of Tokyo’s most recognizable travel destinations.

The tower was built to withstand earthquakes and a wind velocity of 90 m/s. Despite being slightly taller than the Eiffel Tower that was completed almost 7 decades prior, only 4000 tons of steel was used in the Tokyo Tower’s construction, compared to the 7000 tons that was used for its counterpart. This demonstrated the advance in material science technology and building methods through the decades.

The Tokyo Tower offers lovely views of the city, and is a favoured dating spot at night for the romantic night scenery seen from here. There is a souvenir shop that sells Tokyo Tower merchandise and Hello Kitty hand phone straps, which are themed after various places and specialities of Japan.

Nearby is Zōjōji Temple, which has been featured in several international movies such as "The Wolverine" that was released in 2013. The temple with Tokyo Tower in the background makes for an interesting picture.

GPS information
Google map co-ordinates: 35.658582,139.745438
Map Code: 554 594
Telephone: +81 3-3433-5111
Address: 4-2-8, Shiba-koen, Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Postal Code: 105-0011
Japanese characters: とうきょうたわー
Parking: Available adjacent to the tower

Tokyo Tower is located in central Tokyo and can be easily reached using the Oedo, Hibiya or Mita subway line.

From Subway Line To Walking Time Remarks
Kamiyacho Station Hibiya Subway Line Tokyo Tower 10 mins from Exit 1
Akabanebashi Station Oedo Subway Line 10 mins from the Akabanebashi-guchi Exit (赤羽橋口)
Shibakoen Station Mita Subway Line 10-15 mins from Exit A4 or A5 Can stroll through Shiba-koen Park
Onarimon Station Mita Subway Line 10-15 mins from Exit A1 Can visit Zōjōji Temple along the way

External link - Tokyo Subway and Train Map by Tokyo Metro.

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